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Citizens Taking Control of Traffic Congestion . . .

CTCTC is about getting the requisite government agencies at all levels to make the changes necessary to end freeway traffic congestion. 

We have not seen a better alternative than the dualmode concept.  It not only is the premier solution to traffic congestion, but it also is the premier solution to smog and air quality problems. Furthermore, with the cost of gasoline going up and up, dualmode will also provide us with an economic solution as well. We should very feel blessed that there is a solution such as dualmode.

May we remind you again that if we let the MTA officials implement their 25 year plan for the greater Los Angeles area, our rush time average freeway traffic speed will go down from 31.6 mph (measured in 1998) to between 14.7 and 16.1 mph in 2025.   We haven't seen what they project air quality to be in 2025.  Do we really want to know?

To end freeway traffic congestion we need to bring awareness of the dualmode transportation solution to the commuting public.  That is a large percentage of you who are reading this.  Our immediate goal is to enlist a large percentage of the commuting public into a pro-active group that will bring pressure upon government officials to take the necessary action for making dualmode a reality. 

Operational Plan

We Must Be A Large Pro-active Body

Our operational plan is simple: We want to be heard by the government officials responsible for us being stuck in traffic.  Therefore we want vast numbers of people to join us.  Then when we write President Bush and ask him to appoint a dualmode czar, he will listen.  When we write Governor Schwarzenegger, he, too, will listen.  We will mobilize large groups of people in all large metropolitan areas who are stuck in traffic.

Be one of the first 1,000 people to join us.

The first one thousand people who join us will be very special people.  We will honor you in some way.  If you haven't had anything to get excited about for a while, this could be the means to get revitalized once again.

CTCTC Membership

To be heard we need to build a large organization. To build a large organization we need to raise money.  Membership starts at just $12 for one year.  With that we want to send you a bumper sticker and decals to help get the word out.  For an extra $6 we will include a $15 store credit, enough to purchase a T-shirt with our special logo on front and back.  Once a member we hope you will participate in our D E S T Forum.  You will be able to hash over the dualmode concept, contribute to the synergist flow of ideas for making it happen, and share with us what you, specifically, are doing toward achieving our goal.

If you are able to make a contribution of $35 you will receive all of the above with a store credit of $25 instead of the $15 credit above.

The next level is a Bronze Dualmoder at a donation of $60 for one year and entitles you to logon to D E S T Forum as a Bronze Dualmoder.  (Hopefully, one year is all that it will take to move our elected officials.)  The Bronze Dualmoder will receive a $35 store credit and special recognition as a Bronze level contributor.

We know there are folks out there who spend an hour or more each day in heavy, heavy traffic and their costs of extra gasoline, maintenance, frustration, and being away from the family are extremely high when looked at on an annual basis.  Perhaps you folks would like the opportunity to make a major contribution toward solving our freeway traffic congestion problems.  We who are unable to do or contribute more wish to honor those few of you who can.  We all know, as so aptly demonstrated by candidates for public office, all it takes is enough money to meet with success.  Therefore, the following three levels are for the mighty entrepreneurs, industrialists, and commercial giants who are able to really throw some muscle behind this project:

A person or company making a $120 annual contribution will receive membership as a Silver Dualmoder, a silver (colored) plaque so signifying, and any three of the promotional items shown in our online store.  You may login to D E S T Forum as a Silver Dualmoder.

A person or company making a $600 annual contribution will receive membership as a Gold Dualmoder, a gold (colored) plaque so signifying, and any five of the promotional items shown in our online store.  You may login to D E S T Forum as a Gold Dualmoder.

Finally, a person or company making a $1,200 annual contribution will receive membership as a Platinum Dualmoder, a platinum (colored) plaque so signifying, and any ten of the promotional items shown in our online store.  You may login to D E S T Forum as a Platinum Dualmoder.

In chart form it looks like this:

Membership Level/ Recognition Price $U.S. Promotional Items Bumper Sticker & Decals D E S T Forum
Dualmode Contributor 12 optional yes yes
Dualmode Contributor Plus 18 $15 credit yes yes
Dualmoder 35 $25 credit yes yes
Bronze Dualmoder 60 $35 credit yes yes
Silver Dualmoder 120 any 3 items yes yes
Gold Dualmoder 600 any 5 items yes yes
Platinum Dualmoder 1,200 any 10 items yes yes

Will you join us?

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