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You may be the type who prefers to buy a membership and get the goodies (promotional items) free (that is, included), or you may prefer to purchase promotional items and get a free (included) membership.  We want to appeal to all of you so have it anyway you like. 

(Do you remember the old encyclopedia salesman who offered you a "free" set of books just for displaying them prominently in your living room?  They were "free" as long as you purchased the year books for ten years that kept them up to date.  You also received a "free" Hammond World Atlas, a "free" family Bible, and more.   Well, does it really matter what is considered "free" as long as you know what is included and how much you will pay?  Today almost everybody is offering something for nothing "free.")

Having said that, please refer to the About Us (previous page) for detail on memberships, and then join us here on this page.  After clicking the Submit button below, you will be taken to our online store where you will receive a credit for the purchase of anything you desire up to the amount shown on the previous page for the membership level at which you joined. The items you selected will be sent to you with your membership in CTCTC.

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