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The Way It Began

Your webmaster, creator, and director/manager of Citizens Taking Control of Traffic Congestion (CTCTC) does not like wasting time, energy nor money while sitting in needless traffic congestion. Furthermore, he dislikes, almost with a vengeance, the huge cost in personal health (and the health of our planet) that is directly due to traffic caused air pollution that doesn't have to be. During the latter part of 2003 and the first part of 2004 a solution to the problem would frequently pop into his mind. It was a solution he had derived while sitting in traffic and asking himself what could be done that the traffic engineers are not now doing. The solution frequented his mind to the point he felt he had to do something about it. It was like, "You can do something about this. Do it."

To keep this short; when the right questions are asked, the right answers appear. You can read the derivation of this thinking on the Dualmode Web site, but when the concept of combining the freedom of the personal automobile with a mass transit system, the idea started taking form.

More About Your Webmaster

Ken-diaginal-FFFFCC-bkgd-co.jpgYour webmaster, etc., etc., Ken Flanigan, was surprised to learn the origin of the dualmode concept actually began about thirty years ago with other inventors. A search on the Web shows that there are perhaps thirty Web sites promoting variations of dualmode. Okay, so Ken is a little late to be able to claim he is the originator of the dualmode idea, but, non-the-less, it is a darn good idea.

At this point in Ken's life, he might be considered a traffic congestion specialist, that is, if airport traffic can be included. Like sitting in freeway traffic, losing a day to air travel, even for a short hop, frustrated Ken just as standing in chow lines did in the military. About five years ago Ken actively began working on another of his ideas. This one had to do with a new kind of aircraft that would land and take off from a parking lot and fly 370 miles per hour for up to a thousand miles. Ken has patent pending status on two versions of this type of aircraft as the utility patents are moving forward.

Ken was living in Marina del Rey, California but recently moved to Yucaipa (where it is considerably less expensive) so he can devote his presently unpaid energy toward making dualmode a reality.

Ken's interests are broad. They include science, mechanics, electronics, aircraft and flying, sailing, and health. His education (for those who must know) is in Naturopathy.

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