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Welcome to the exciting possibility of not being stuck in freeway traffic.  This site has a subsite [] that will explain in detail how we can achieve a metropolitan transportation system you are sure to love.

This is your home for bringing about a permanent solution to traffic congestion.  If being stuck in traffic is no longer acceptable to you, we hope you will join us.  There is great strength in numbers.  When our numbers reach critical mass, government will acknowledge us by implementing our plan.  When that happens, our work is done.

We hope you find the dualmode solution provides a very good alternative to being stuck in traffic as well as the best possible solution (at the present time) for reducing smog and global warming, improving the ozone layer, and greatly reducing our need for petroleum products from the Middle East.

Our Mission, therefore, is:

To end freeway traffic congestion by bringing awareness of the dualmode transportation solution to the commuting public.  To enlist the commuting public into a pro-active group that will bring pressure upon government officials to take the necessary action for making dualmode a reality.  To finance our mission to the extent necessary through membership, through the sale of promotional items such as T-shirts, caps and bumper stickers, and through grants and donations of time and/or money.

Please join us.

P. S.  After looking over our Web site and learning about Dualmode and what it can do for us, we would like you to take a moment to fill out the survey form as it will help to chart our course.  Thank you.

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